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Ed Manager

Software Solutions for K-12 Administrators and Teachers

The Ed Manager Portal is powered by Educational Directions to provide clients with tools that help collect better data about student, class and school performance. We salute the efforts of educators nationwide that strive everyday to improve and enrich the lives of their students.


EdManager Advantages

Value Added


Complex Problems,
Simple Solution

globeOur solution is web-based, which means that there is no additional hardware required to use the system and will work on Macs, PCs, iPads, and other desktop, laptop and tablet computers.

Multiple levels of access can be assigned to teachers and administrators and all levels are password controlled and are protected with SSL security.

Nightly backups on our secure servers ensure that your data is safe at all times and is protected in the event of a catastrophic data loss at your location.

Student Testing
results driven

teacherWhen your students take tests, how do those results get recorded, so they can be summarized by student, grade, course or teacher? Ed Manager makes it easy for teachers and administrators to enter scrimmage and writing portfolio results in a common database.

As soon as information is entered into the system, teachers and administrators alike can use built-in reports to make assessments of what students are being challenged by what questions.

Forward Focused
Providing Answers

teacher2Ed Manager software aims to help schools answer these very vital questions for teachers and administrators:

Assessment Manager and Writing Manager are programs designed with the assistance of Frank DeSensi, our founder, so schools can track the information needed to assess student test-based performance in a quick and meaningful way.


writing manager

Writing Manager Component

The Writing Manager component of Ed Manager software tracks results of all writings that the school enters into the system.

This serves as one central repository for teachers and administrators to track student performance over time and get instant access to annotated work samples by class, teacher, student, and work type.

Writing Reports Available:

  • Overall Scores
  • Writing Portfolios
  • At Risk List
  • Academic Risk
  • Revision to Proficiency
  • Rollup Data and Trends

Assessment Manager Component

The Assessment Manager component of the Ed Manager software tracks results of assessments entered, and can generate reports summarizing the results by class, student, teacher or question. An educator has the option of pulling any report they need in order to identify problem areas. Here is how the Assessment Manager works:

  1. The school defines and enters the templates to allow teachers to use when they schedule an assessment.
  2. Assessments are scheduled for specific dates in the system.
  3. After assessments are conducted, the results are entered into the system.
  4. Reports that analyze the assessment results are immediately available.

Assessment Report Generator

The Assessment Report Generator allows you to search in many different ways including First Name, Last Name, Student ID, State ID or SSN.

Teachers and administrators can also refine reports by drilling down to specific grade levels, courses, classes, and even program types. There is also an option to select Academic Alerts.