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Quality Education Training for Quality Educators

booksEducational Directions was started in 1998 to enable a group of Kentucky "distinguished educators" to continue working with schools after their retirement.

Today, Educational Directions provides training programs to groups of educators, school leaders, and administrators aimed at improving the performance of students within a given school district, county, or state. Our program is designed to change the thinking about "practice" and then assist schools in finding relevant "best practices."

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The Educational Directions Process

testWhen we are contacted by a district, we try to meet with the decision-makers and that district to find out exactly what they would like to have happen with their teachers and students. If it appears that we can address that set of expectations, we will make a proposal or a set of post-proposals with different cost structures. If the proposal meets with the school district's approval, we will write a contract and determine when, where, and how services will be provided.

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The EdManager
Software Solution

testED Manager makes it easy for teachers and administrators to enter assessment and writing portfolio results in a common database. As soon as information is entered into the system, teachers and administrators alike can use built-in reports to make assessments of what students are being challenged by what questions.

Our software will help you to understand what your students know, what they do with that information, as well as their aptitude level with each subject matter.

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